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Thread: Videographer Needed for promotional alternative wedding.

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    Default Videographer Needed for promotional alternative wedding.

    Hi, my names Jessica, i'm a photographer from Suffolk and i am looking for someone to help capture an alternative wedding for a promotional video of my company. The date is 5th November this year.

    I am looking for someone who is maybe a last year student or someone looking to boost their portfolio or want to add something different.
    I going to use the wedding as a promo for my business as I am doing it practically for free just because it's SO different!

    Here's the description

    the wedding will start at 3.00 (ceremony 3.30) on friday 5th november.
    it'll be held at the sun hotel in hitchin, which is also the reception venue.
    the day should go roughly as follows;
    3 course meal/speeches,
    burlesque dancer,
    mr b the gentle man rhymer (check him out, he's awesome),
    burlesque dancer again,
    possible 15-25 min burlesque lesson for all who wish to join in (to be confirmed),
    first dance...MAYHEM!!

    The theme is victoriana, pin-up, burlesque and we'll be asking our guests to dress accordingly.

    There should be a fair few trannies there and lots of 'characters', along with a fire juggling lovely and a mind reader/mentalist.

    I'm going to try and dress the venue so that it's quite dingey (a lot of red fairy lights on branches) and the decor is aiming for that victoriana/oriental/opium den kinda look (that's the idea at least, fingers crossed) with vintage crockery, black lace table cloths, feathers and lanterns etc.

    If you think you can help then pls get in touch. I can only offer cost covered as thats all I am getting. I have only been going 6 months myself so still trying to get the business going!!

    My email is, my web site is

    Many Thanks


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    Hi Jess I am currently available on November 5th, as this wedding is so different my partner and I are willing to work for expenses and a meal.
    Will you be staying overnight as it is some way from suffolk? We are based in East London/Essex. Some examples of our work can be seen on the website Best Wishes Jane Oliver

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    You do realise this wedding advert is 2 years old right?...

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    Lightbulb hahaha

    Quote Originally Posted by Bpotter908 View Post

    You do realise this wedding advert is 2 years old right?...
    HA HA HA. Thanks for that, I didn't have my glasses on at the time. Here's a thought tho .... maybe people should remove out of date posts

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    Or maybe people should check the date line at the top of the post before replying to it

    Swings and roundabouts, considering that most of the posts on this site are questions/knowledgeable seeking posts and they have many replies which are helpful, There is surely nothing wrong with keeping old information because if someone searches in google for their specific problem, they most often stumble on a solution on a 3-6 year old thread.

    I recently found an answer to a techie problem I was having with a very specific piece of hardware on a thread posted in 2004! Nout wrong with keeping information loose on the internet.

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