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Thread: The B. Goodes - Lost and Lonely.

  1. Default The B. Goodes - Lost and Lonely.

    Hi all, I appreciated the response/feedback I received for my short film I posted on here a few months a go so I thought I'd ask for your opinions on this music video I did for a local band.

    The video was mentioned on the local radio which was pretty cool.


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    Wow! That's some contrast to your previous offering.
    Loved the video & loved the song.

    ("Two Poofs & a Hamper?")

    Having said that, there are a number of areas which could be improved from a technical viewpoint.
    The opening pan was a good idea but didn't come off well. It slowed down in the middle speeded up a bit then overshot the target and panned back. This is an ambitious shot which requires lots of practice.
    The two shots immediately following that didn't quite have enough contrast (to me) looked a little like jump cuts.
    And the second shot (head on) suffered from composition - the horizon crossed their necks and there were exposure problems with it (shooting them in dark against a bright sky).
    In the reverse angle shot (where one guy is being offered food) he is virtually in total darkness although the picture is bright enough. Mabe some reflectors to throw some light onto the subjects would be an improvement?
    The guitar appearimng from nowhere is a glaring continuity error, but I'm guessing this is intentional as it adds to the humour of the piece.
    The first shot of them running has a very hand held look to it - I wonder why you didn't use a tripod as the following shots immediately look superior. OK - some of them do. The hand held whilst they are walking is sort of acceptable, but the other hand held shots (for example circling them aound the memorial) let the film down,
    Now I suspect you have a dilemma because you don't own circular track and dolly but want that shot. You can play around with shopping trolleys, sketeboards all manner of improvised dollies all of which would give better results. But unless the result looks stable, I think it really makes a film look amateur.
    Now, take the shot where they are eating and you have superiposed the bikes. Because their heads are below the horizon, the whole shot is both better composed and better lit - we can even see some of the detail in their black tops.
    It wouild have been really cool if the guy playing the jam jars played them properly (ie hit the right "notes" as well as the right rhythm). It seemed a bit wierd that only one of the two was correct - had he not played in the right rhythm (or if you'd gone to slo-mo) it wouldn't have seemed so strange.

    Sounds like a lot of criticism, but let me reiterate what I said at the beginning - I loved the songa nd I loved the video.

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    I can't offer the in depth appraisal Tim can, but I can say although it looked a bit rough it was immensely entertaining.
    As far as music videos go it was a breath of fresh air.
    I dont know who's concept it was (yours or the bands) but it was great to watch, & the unpolishedness added to its appeal.
    Combining humour & music usually relegates a band to the second division, they're not taken seriously, its usually commercial suicide & its a brave thing to do.
    That video made me want to go see them live.


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    Really appreciate the feedback TimStannard and Sarah & Allison and glad you both enjoyed the video. The credit must go to the musicians as to why the comedic approach worked so well, they're naturally very amusing people. It was their idea to play characters similar to Vic and Bob's Mulligan and O'Hare and we contributed equally to the rest of the ideas for the video.

    Just looking back on the opening pan and have just seen how uneven it is. The only equipment I had was a Sony DCR-TRV17e and a tripod. I've taken all your points unboard TimStannard and have really appreciated your genuine analysis.

    Should be shooting their 2nd video in 3 or 4 weeks time.


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    Definitely very different to being held captive in a dungeon. I think Tim has covered most things. I'm not sure the split screen worked for me but thats just a personal taste thing.

    Just so I'm not totally agreeing with Tim. I don't think it was necessary for the jam jar playing to be any different to how you filmed it. It was near enough for anyone who is not totally anal about this type of thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Just so I'm not totally agreeing with Tim....near enough for anyone who is not totally anal about this type of thing.
    How very dare you

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