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    I've scoured the internet looking for lenses for my panasonic nv ds29. I know, it's old and poor, but so am I .

    It has a thread, so am assuming it can take lenses of some sort, does anyone know of a site or where I should be looking to get lenses for it. The kind of lenses I would like are filter lenses, and possible one to better display daytime landscape videos.

    Hope you can help, great forums here.

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    I'm not sure if you are looking for a lens or a filter. All you have to do is find the filter size from the manual and any filter of that size will fit. I'd go into your local camera shop and ask them what each filter will do. For example a polarizer filter should help keep the sky looking blue for landscapes.

    If on the other hand you want a wide angle lens then the filter size is the same as the lens size that you want but I'm not sure what the results will look like as you can often get dark edges on the image with this type of lens.

    Hope this helps.

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    This is the camera yes?

    Panasonic NV DS29 DV Camcorder: Electronics & Photo

    I have just done a quick ebay search and it looks like batteries and leads are a dime a dozen but actual lenses seem to be non-existent. I'm not aware of any site other than Ebay that would actually contain an item like that for such an old camera.

    Sorry bud.

    EDIT: ahh Midnight seems to have given a more helpful response. ( I'm not a camera guru at all )

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    That's the one, the reason I don't have much of a camera is I used my money on audio equipment and software. I'm a musician wanting to make videos on the ultra cheap, you found what I did on ebay ie tons of batteries and what not , but no lenses.

    Midnight blue, I was after both lenses and filters polarisers and a wide angle lens, I have the manual so I'll look see what filter size is mentioned in there. I did try a few photo/camcorder shops but they said my cam was too old. Strange that, not too long ago they were telling me it was state of the art.

    Thanks again for your help, I see you live in York, that's one of my favourite haunts for filming.

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