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    I have a LG HDD recorder I used to use with my TV setup, now I have it for use with the camcorder. It has a DV input for camcorder. I bought a firewire lead, connected it to the camcorder and it almost worked. My TV display displayed "updating" only. I contacted LG and they said I was out of warranty so no support :(

    I tried again, and it worked. So no problems for a while, I managed to transfer almost all of my mini DV tape collection to the HDD recorder. However now, it begins to work then flickers between "updating" and "not connected to camcorder". So I can't transfer my DV tapes any more. I'm having to resort to using a RCA type connection into the HDD recorders video input, which I'm sure means inferior quality.

    Only very occasionally does it work for about 5 minutes with firewire, and then drops out with "camcorder not connected". The lead seems ok, and the connections on the camcorder and the LG are fine no loose connections or anything.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be causing this? The whole reason I'm using the HDD recorder is as an archive machine, I can burn DVDs from it which I can then use for video editing. I have considered firewire for the PC but I dont think I have a spare PCI-E slot for that.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Before we talk about the HDD drive let's think about what you are doing with your film footage.

    When you use your DV camera you are recording nice pure digital information onto the tape in good quality then you are taking that raw fresh infomation and putting it onto a HDD which most likely takes your raw footage and compresses it down a large amount so as to save disk space. The result is that you have a slight quality loss. Then you burn this compressed movie file onto a DVD disk and THEN you try to rip a movie file off of the DVD disk. THEN you try to edit it and export it into whatever other format you want.

    Sounds like a massive headache in terms of keeping quality high! If you don't care about keeping quality high then please disregard everything I have just said. If you do care about quality then please do say and there might be possible easy fixes for you

    Now what HDD recorder is it? You have said it's an LG but I could walk into a car garage and say to the mechanic "ahh yes I have a Honda, could you tell me why this fault occurs?" Now the mechanic will say back to me "Err... I need to know a hell of a lot more than it's just a Honda!!!" Because there are MANY different cars made by Honda each with a unique model number. And so... you need to post the model number of the device which is causing you trouble so the "video mechanics" of the world will be able to go "ahhh yes I know that unit, you need to do X-Y-Z"

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    The HDD recorder doesn't alter the footage at all unless you change it's default settings, it's as good quality as what was recorded so no problems there. It's not too much of a torturous process to store the collection here and burn dvds etc. Similarly when the DVD is burned there's a choice of quality output formats. XP being the best quality, which is standard DVD resolution.

    I do care about keeping quality high, but having looked at firewire on the PC I have a problem in that I have no spare pci-e slots for a firewire card, and USB is supposed to be abysmal for this sort of thing. I have a fair amount of storage on the PC though, so if there's a way to store directly then I could use that. The HDD is very useful though for keeping it all in one easy indexed spot.

    I should have put the model number of the LG HDD, but I figured the problem wasn't related to that given it worked for a good time, then just recently I had problems. I also didn't think there would be HDD specialists here who would know one model from the other, I'm glad you do So I'll post it later.

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    Make: LG HDD Recorder
    Model: RH277H

    Hope that helps

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