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    So i'm going to throw this out there.

    I am new to video editing and am looking for somthing that i can use to retain quality while trying to maintain a reasonable file size.

    I want to backup my DVD's to my PC and stream them through my playstation.
    I use Windows 7 X64 Pro.
    I have a TV card and use windows Media Center to capture the Video. I have purchased a WTV to Mpeg4 converter & use DVD decryptor to rip my movies.

    All i want to do is remove the ads from my TV captures, Do some basic family stuff from the Cam corder. Backup and Render my DVD's throught the PS3.

    I don't have the time to spend hours and hours mucking around with Video and Audio. Overlays ect... I just want the basics with the power to output to all the standard extension like .avi .mpg .mpeg .dvx ect...

    I don't mind paying for the software if it's good and priced right. So i am not going to pay $500 odd dollars for it. be luckly to pat $100 so Please somone point me in a good dirction...
    Thanks guys.

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    I've been really happy with Vegas Movie Studio HD 9. It's remarkably full featured yet very easy to use. Should do everything you're looking for and be available to do more should you want to. It's also on sale at currently for $28 instead of the usual $45. I think this is because a new version is probably coming out as all the other "Movie Studio" titles are version 10.

    Edit: wow, huge ad image thingie... odd.

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