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Thread: News Report Style video software?

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    Default News Report Style video software?

    For a school project, I need to put together a news style documentary and would like to get some advice on which program to use. I just need the basic effects like being able to put an interviewee's name at the bottom of the screen and those style news effects. I'm also not very video-leet so it would be good if the program was also simple and free to download. And yes, I've read the 'Read this before posting' comparison table on Wikipedia - It was helpful, but I still have a bit of uncertainty...

    Any ideas? Any help is much appreciated

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    For most of what you want Sony Vegas Movie Studio will do the job. If you want spinning world logos etc. You will have to do that in a separate graphics program then bring them into Vegas. Doing things like the lower thirds (the captions at the bottom of the screen) is something Vegas will do with a bit of practise.

    You can download it for a 30 day free trial.

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    Midnight Blue's suggestion would be a good place to start. It's pretty easy to do normal text effects using Movie Studio and if you wanted to have a background that's easy too by importing a transparent image from Photoshop or something. PS even has "lower third" templates as a New File.. option.

    Here's an extremely easy demo of a lower third type thing you can do with Movie Studio:

    Update: Found some nice News Style templates.
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