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Thread: Need help - how to smooth (stabilise) HD ?

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    Default Need help - how to smooth (stabilise)jerky HD ?

    Hello all !

    I have a major problem that i need to solve quick but i don`t know how exacly.

    I have Full HD 1080i .mov video file, that has been shot with tripod,witch was not so good, and i want to smooth the movements(stabilise them)... All the plugins that i`ve found are verry expensive and can`t afford them.
    I work with Adobe premiere CS 3, After Effecs CS 3 and Vegas 9.0 d
    I can send the video if you need to see it.

    Thanks in advance !
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    I'm guessing by "smooth" you mean not have the pans so jerky?

    Your stuffed basically...

    Unless someone on here has a really brilliant solution there is nothing you can do bud.
    (except pay for the plugins)

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    Yes, i mean jerky

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    I don't beleive any further software is required. And I would ignore the software which jimmy8765 suggested.

    I suggest starting with the 'stabilize motion' option in After Effects; but be prepared to learn how the data can be used in conjunction with a Null object and layer Parenting. Then, consider the method described here:Adobe Forums: Stabilize Motion on a panning shot?

    I found it worked reasonably well. Or rather, better than nothing.

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    I have a problem with jerky video when in editing mode. I am using Pinnacle Studio Ultimate v11. I have confirmed that I meet the system requirements.

    System Discription:
    Vista 32 bit
    Intel E6320 processor (1.87 Ghz)
    ATI Radeon 4350 video card(512 Mb memory)
    2 GB Ram
    500 GB HDD (320 free)

    Any suggestions?

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