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Thread: Music Video for "Friends Electric"

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    Default Music Video for "Friends Electric"

    This is my third effort at a music video, this time for a local band, who have just released this song as their first single.

    Shot on HDR-FX1 and Canon 7D

    any criticism welcome and accepted!

    hope you enjoy!


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    I thought you did a really good job there & I would imagine the band would be delighted with it.
    You obviously put a lot of work into it & it showed.
    Dont know if you interpreted the energy of the song as well as you could though & I felt it could have done with a bit more order ie:
    specific shots/scenes attached to specific parts of the song & repeated as the song repeats.
    I think cutting up your video into the same format as the song is very effective for pop songs.
    Personally I would have hidden the keyboards in the basement!
    But then I'm guitar mad!


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    Everything about this video is just ok. I found nothing about it that stands out. From that I don't want you to think that it didn't have some quality because it did.

    I found both the video and the song lacked something to make it stand out.


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    Default Average effort..

    The song , I felt, was better than the video. I can see the effort put in but a little more handful of creativity could have done wonders. As already pointed out the shots were repetitive and some lacked Imagination. On the brighter side I liked some of the edited parts . So try putting in a little more thought. All the best for future ventures.

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    Thanks for your replies!

    I personally see where you are coming from about being more creative, this will sound ridiculous, but there was no planning for this shoot what so ever! i was asked last minute to stand in as a camera operator, but when i turned up for the shoot there was absolutely nothing organised, no one to direct, no story boards etc, so i had to pretty much take control of the situation and use my initiative to come up with something that would be "acceptable" literally on the spot. Im pleased with how it came out taking this into account

    however, I fully agree with the fact that it lacks something... just a shame it was lack of organisation


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    Hi J,
    Its a tough crowd.. lol
    I thought it looked really great and very polished.. I hope my third video looks so good! I imagine you must have shot a boat load of material to be able to edit it together the way you did. And another thing is the nice blending of 2 cameras except for some DOF differences the footage looked good together. nice.

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    If thats the case then Its more than acceptable. Cheers for your effort ..

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    nice video ...i liked it

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    The split screen where you are using three of the screens just to frame the fourth.
    A sequence in with some very fast cuts - I'd have liked to have seen one or two more instances of that.
    Speeded up bits (just the right amount of these)
    The four chairs arranged in a circle with the camera in the middle.
    Some of the dolly/fake dolly shots (especially where we see the band silhouetted against the windows)

    Some/of the dolly/fake dolly shots: the looking around the end of a wall/partition works well if you use it once. More than once, use another wall/partition.

    The band were uninteresting when playing/singing. The vocals were processed such as to take out any personality from the singers voice. And the singer looked like he's had his personality removed to a similar extent.

    In other words. There was no passion either in their recording or in their performance.

    Consequently the shots of the band larking around (eg the speeded up stuff) had much more life.

    And the singer should never be shown glancing down at the keyboards - especially whilst singing (similarly the keyboard player; though perhaps less important)or as Sarah, Allison & Tina said - leave the keyboards in the basement.

    I don't know what you left on the cutting room floor, but I'm guessing you've probably used the best of what you've got. As you can see my criticism is not really of what you've done, rather the material you had to play with - and I take my hat off to you for coming up with a few off the cuff ideas to add a bit of spice to the video.

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    enjoyed that.

    like the tune bit of a delphic vibe going on there i reckon

    wasnt sure the video worked with the song but on second viewing (and full screen on vimeo) i reckon it captures the mood just right. nice filter work not OTT.

    forget leaving the synths in the basement you can drop them round my gaff, ill make good use of em

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