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Thread: My first full music video..

  1. Default My first full music video..

    So here is my attempt to start shooting more involved set ups and scripts. overall I am pretty happy. I had a few editing compromises due to shooting issues. I wrote the script after hearing this song from Depeche Mode and thought this music provides a lot of visuals. Any thoughts are appreciated..
    Here is the video on Vimeo.


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    Thought the photography was great but with your background I guess it should be.
    I wasnt sure about the colouring changing so radically as you cut quickly to the different shots of the hitman in his rooms although the shaky camera was effective in conveying his tension.
    What let the video down big time was the actors bad lip syncing to the song.
    I just dont think you can do that in a music video.
    But apart from that I thought it was excellent for a first attempt at this sort of thing & full of promise for further efforts.

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    Thanks Sarah.. I didn't think the sync was so bad as the over acting on the first singing part.. But in all honesty that was my doing, i was over directing him asking him to be very emphatic.. might have over done it..

    The color is trouble for sure.. My biggest issue was the 2nd half of the video.. shooting out of sequence in variable cloudy/sun conditions proved to be a bit of a nightmare when i went into editing.. not sure how to get around that given how I was shooting..
    I did have a blast doing this though and I must say that i have caught the bug.. Thanks for the critique...

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    Well done, I liked it. I thought the photography and over all look of the video was good. I liked the whole concept of the storey and thought you put it together very well in editing.This is my kind of music video, with a strong narrative.

    Like Sara has already pointed out the lip sink was an issue but in the second part of the video the main actor did a good job. I would go one step further and say don't have any lip sync unless the original artist is in the video or you are looking for a particular effect like adult voice coming from a child etc.

    One thing I found when doing my music video was learning to tone down the actors as the camera will pick up very subtle things in a persons face, which is often all that's needed. Like your hit man at the end of this video.

    I thought it was a great first music video effort.

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    Thanks Midnight.
    You are so very right about being subtle.. I have learned my lesson and will keep the emotion toned down a bit as it definitely seems to get turned up on playback. I am starting my next project soon with a musician who wrote the music so be fun and hopefully eliminate any syncing issues..
    Thanks for your comments.

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