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    I'm writing some <a href = ""> video tutorials </a>. I know there are a lot of sites out there, but I thought I'd announce mine. My site (possibly) is different, because it's for newbies from a newbie. If you have any feedback (like other tutorial sites), I'd love to hear it!

    Jane P
    Media Intern
    <a href = "">Medical Corporate Video Specialists </a>

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    I visited the site, but could not find any tutorials or any examples of work by the company.

    Edited - Sorry. I have found three. And shall now read them.
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    I have read the current tutorials and related pages. I do not wish to appear rude, but there are no examples of any video production by Dr Campos. One section of the tutorial refers to
    the "advantages of a Writer/Director with a PhD", but other than casual references to some video software; his CV includes references to his experience with "genotyping and mouse colony management" and "basic sewing skills". IMHO, the links to reports by Online Publishers Association are extremely out of date. Alot has changed since 2007.

    Please feel free to disregard my ramblings. My wife does.

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    Thanks for all the time you spent looking into the site!

    (You must have read pretty far down to find out about his "basic sewing skills His CV is fairly lengthy, I'll tell him to feature his videography awards more prominently.

    Did you have any comments on my newbie articles:
    Video Articles and Reviews

    My html link tags didn't come out right, but the above link should give more guidance!


    Jane P
    Media Intern
    Tek Sci Productions

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    I read the article on 'Prime Lens'. As a newbie myself; I can't comment on the correctness (or otherwise) of the information. However, I felt there was more consise information elsewhere on the Internet.

    Some of the logic in the article appeared strangely uninformative, a little long winded and questionable. I would prefer to see real examples; perhaps with video clips. For example, show us how much better a prime lens is compared with it's equivilent zoom lens.

    The odd thing about the site is that although great emphasis is given to the Dr C's superhuman abilities; there are no examples of his work. Personally, I am unimpressed with lists of awards. The article(s) do not contain any video clips to reinforce the information. Much of the site refers to the advantages of using video to put across marketing and education messages - yet there are no clips.

    If you read more posts within these forums, you may recognise that whilst few of the members have PHDs; some are capable of producing highly sophisticated videos. I regret that the dear Doctor; comes across as being more masterful with mice than with his own marketing.

    I shall make a note to revisit the site in a few months time. Thank you for posting the link.


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