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Thread: Help joining clips with continues sound.

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    Default Help joining clips with continues sound.

    Hi friends im kind off new to film making, i want to train and have some fun this summer with my camara, but im having a basic issue.

    When i record alot of diferent clips and then join them together in sony vegas, everytime a scene changes or cut, you hear the ambience or background sound change so you can really see and hear that its changing from clip.

    My question is, is there an easy way to correct this and make the whole final short looking like there was a continous sound on the back? i mean for example if we are recording some conversation with 2 guys talking and we want to change angles or camaras in different cuts and continous sound is that posible with my camaras stock mic? (it records alot of background noise)

    How is this done profesionaly? better microphones? i hope i can learn about this

    Thanks alot and sorry for my english

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    Yes they are called L cuts and J cuts , do a search on them....

    Its all in the wrist action , think laterally and not consecutavly

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    There are a few issues and solutions.

    As Cheema suggests, use L & J cuts so the sound does not change at the same time as the visual. Obviously you don't want to cut to someone who we hear speaking whilst they've got their mouth shut or vice versa.

    The sound of the speaker from different positions of the mic may or may not be desirable - this depends on the type of film your're making. For example if you shoot a long shot of someone speaking you may actually want it to sound very different from a close up.

    On the other hand if you are shooting a conversation whwre you are switching between two people shot from the same distance, you may want exactly the same sound, in which case you need a mic which is not mounted on your camera. This might feed sound to yoru camera or a separate recording device.

    If your issue is sudden changes in just the background sound - that is the dialog doesn't appear at these cuts and if the background sound is broadly similar, extend the sound of both events beyond the video (ie make the sound on the leftmost event exttend further right than the video - an L cut - and make the sound of the rightmost event extend further to the left of the video - a J cut) then pull the two together so that the two sounds overlap creating a crossfade. This will not work so well if there's a massisve difference in background sound.

    If you want a more consistent background sound, mic the voices as closely as possible to eliminate as much background as possible. Then also record only the background sound. Use the technique above (which is now perhaps a bit "dead" having very little ambient) and load your separately recorded background sound ("ambient") onto another track.

    I appreciate I probably haven't explained this too clearly so feel free to ask follow-ups.

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