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Thread: Prosumer Full HD cam buyer advice!

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    Unhappy Prosumer Full HD cam buyer advice!

    Im am looking for a Prosumer Camcorder in the 0-4000$ range that works on mac with Final Cut Pro /Aftereffects. Shouldn't be tooo heavy or large and preferably with SD cards/cartrige/ flash drive / HD etc.

    it should have these features: (any suggestions for additional must have features very much appreciated!

    HD camcorders: The perfect camcorder | Camcorders | Macworld

    is there something like on this site Digital Camera Selector
    for hd prosumer camcorders?

    thanks any suggestions are very much appreciated. Ill mention any poster with help in my first indi movie credits and mention you in my cannes award speach!

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    Panasonic AG-HMC151.

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    I'm going for the Sony Z5 I think.

    Sony HVR-Z5E (HVRZ5E) Camcorder - Proactive

    Theres an optional SDCard attachment thingy and its good in low light, however my main reason is that our local BBC employ freelancers with em, and I need work!
    No quite full HD, but then I intend on working as much as poss and upgrading...

    Thats me anyway

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    I bought the Panasonic AG-HMC41E and I am delighted with it!

    There is a video I shot with it here: YouTube - MikeNicholsonVideos's Channel if you're still looking and interested.

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