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Thread: Playing audio files in After Effects.

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    Hi all.
    I want to make effects according to music drums and beats, but i can't figure out how to import audio files in After Effects to play them. Well, i imported them, but they all are silent. When i push Play button, video is playing, but music not. I've tried to import video who already got audio, but video were still silent. Any ideas?

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    AE is not well suited for audio playback. Check out the help files on 'Previews' at Adobe After Effects CS4 * Preview video and audio

    However, the AE effects named "Audio Spectrum" and "Audio waveform" may be very helpful. Their values can be used in Expressions. For example, a bass frerquency could automatically affect a layer's parameters.

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    As Tim suggested, you need to use RAM preview to preview audio together with video.

    One feature that will make animating to a beat easier is Convert Audio To Keyframes.
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