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    Default Compact HD Camera

    I am looking for a compact HD camera and need some advice/help
    Im looking for a camera that is HD
    My budget is of around 400
    I want to be able to attach a fisheye
    I also want to be able to change the focus from background and foreground and visa versa, whether it be manual or auto (im not sure if ll cameras have this)
    I will be filming motion sports mainly if that makes a difference
    And I will be editing on a mac

    Please do you have any suggestions as to what camera would be good for me. As there is so much choice out there and I am swamped


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    This is your camera right here.
    Digital Camera | Full HD | VPC-HD2000 | Xacti SANYO
    60p, 1080p, fisheye accessory available. The picture quality is fantastic. I own this and am speaking from experience. The only disadvantage is that it can only write 4gb at a time so once the 4gb size has been reached, it writes the file to the sdhc card which takes about 10 seconds then it starts up again. On the highest quality 1080p @ 60fps that equates to about 21 minutes.

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    thanks, but i'm looking for something that I would be able to mount to an Opteka X-grip or something similar
    Something that is a traditional shape basically

    I have been looking at a Panasonic HDc-HS250
    Or the Sony HDR-CX115

    But i dont know much about either of them to be honest

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    Sony HDR-CX115, I use it, it's very good

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