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Thread: Pro cam audio with electronic drums question.

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    Default Pro cam audio with electronic drums question.

    Hey guys and gals. I have dabbled in the past with making drum cover videos for YouTube where I play along to a track. The method to now has been: run a cable from L&R outs of my electronic drums module (Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Special) to the mic in on my camcorder (Basic Samsung one-budget) This has worked fine but with a static camera angle all the time I have become bored with it and wanted to try something a bit more adventureous..........

    Firstly so you can see what the sort of thing I do is, here is a Youtube link:

    Now, the kind of thing I want to do is have my kit in open space with like a track around it with a camera on a tripod. Forgive me if I give the things the wrong names as I am by no means an expert on this. Nowhere near to be precise..... I think this may be called a "Dolly Rig" I also would like a static camera overhead somewhere looking down and a moveable one held by a friend. I hear you can get like a harness to wear with the camera in so it is smooth when moving. Glide something.......

    I have none of this gear but seen online that it can all be hired for day, weekend etc. I like the look of the Canon XL2. Or similar. Again, I do not have much knowlege on this at all.

    I just don't understand how I can get my normal 1/4 inch L&R Out-Jacks on my drum module to go into the XLR in-puts on the camera. Will there be other inputs?? I don't really want to record audio and video seperately (which I can do easier I know) because it gives me a big headache when trying to sync it all up :-/ All the videos on my YouTube page are done by recording the audio and video through camcorder so it stays perfectly in time.

    So, that's the gear and set-up side dealt with, now the aftermath of editing.

    Because I have more than one camera I will want to switch between views but still keeping it all in time (I want to put audio into all cams at once, if possible) What software is best for this and what kind of price range please.

    So, to put it how I can best explain it: I will play my track with 2/3 cams at their selected points, all with the audio getting to them, somehow. Upload it to a programme/software package so I can import each video file (with its audio) and have all 2/3 looking at me. How I see it then is I want to be able to switch to each video at different times.

    For example; vid 1 00:00:00 - 00:01:00
    vid 2 00:01:30 - 00:01:50
    vid 3 00:01:50 - 00:02:30

    I suppose I am saying I want to play all 3 videos (they will hopefully be the same audio wise but different video) at the same time but be able to choose which ones I want on screen at any one time to get my final video.

    I dare say I have not explained this too well and if anyone takes this question on (you are brave lol) I will help you any way I can to make it clearer.

    To make it a bit easier my first question then is how can I connect drum module to pro camcorder(s) and secondly how can I mix all this in editing.

    Thank you in advance, Craig.

    Ps, would I need a mixing desk etc.

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    Thank you for your informative and speedy response I am pleased there is an option to only use 1 audio track. I just thought I would have to use it on all 3 cams. Phew!....
    I don't actually have any software for the editing. That was another part of question. All I have used to date is Windows Movie Maker and although it has been fantastic for what I have needed so far, it doesn't really help if I want 2/3 video pieces on screen at once.
    Thanks again man, really helpfull!

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