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Thread: Intermittent ADS Pyro AV Link connection probs.

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    Default Intermittent ADS Pyro AV Link connection probs.


    I recently bought one of the Pyro AV Links, and while it worked fine for the first hour long capture, it decided to randomly disconnect and connect, over and over again. It also doesn't seem to matter whether or not I'm actively trying to capture something. Even now as I write this, I can hear the little sound telling me it's connected, than disconnected. The tech I called at ADS seemed particularly baffled by the situation. I know that there are various degrees of troubleshooting I need to go through from plugging it into a different system and acquiring different firewire cables, but I thought I'd see if anyone else has had a problem like this.

    Being new to video capture and editing, I have definately learned quite a lot from perusing these forums.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default re:Intermittent ADS... (SOLUTION Found)

    After lots of troubleshooting, changing cables, pci slots, rolling back and reinstalling 1394 drivers, I decided the most likely culprit was the ADS AV Link. I decided to purchase a Canopus 50, and have not had a single problem. No dropped frames, no connection loss, and excellent capture quality.

    Anyway, the cost of these respective devices are about the same, so if anyone has a question as to which to get, the Canopus is the on to get. (Not that I'm the first genius on this forum to come up with this recommendation) .

    Just my 2 cents of experience.


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