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    Cool nature videos

    hi i have made few nature videos you may check and reply me .please let me know about other nature videos made by you .[ame=""]YouTube - nature hd video[/ame]

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    This is not a video but a slide-show.

    The photographs are, unfortunately, mediocre and the music is awful. You need to start with the basics and read a book on photography and learn about composition.

    For example, in the first picture: The ugly fence is visible, moving a few feet forward or cropping the picture would have improved the shot immensely. The second picture isn't level. The third has a rusty safety-barrier in the bottom of the frame, and so on...

    The logo in the picture is really annoying and dominant. The landscapes lack contrast, you need to buy a polarising filter and a skylight filter. The Skylight should be screwed to the lens and left there, the pola taken out when it's needed.

    Sorry, but it's not good.

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    Cool thanks for reply

    hi thanks for reply . i will follow what u told me .

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    This is what I would call a nature video

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