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Thread: In car camera ?

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    Default In car camera ?

    First of all i know very little about video, so i thought this would be the place for some advice. Im a photographer and also do the odd bit of incar footage. I have a go pro hd and its grand but its not 100% accurate when setting up in the car. Also i want to have a camera showing infront and a 2nd on the driver or rear view. Ive found a system i like and would like some advice on wheather it will do what i want. I would like to be able to put the footage on a dvd for playback on a tv. Would it be good enough quality to watch. Here is the link to the system ive found.................... HQR-C2 twin picture in picture bullet camera package

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    Ive owned and used the same model but the single camera version, the twin camera one is the same in terms of quality etc

    As for watching it on the TV, yes, its perfectly watchable , but your never going to be overly impressed by anything that comes in Bullet Camera form , well, not until into next year when they start releasing the High Def ones ( said with a pinch of salt as it will be similar to things like the GoPro and Contour, so good, but not great )

    As for the HQR - in terms of flexibility its great, you can put them anywhere, so its worth it for that reason

    Heres some samples of a few old jobs i used it for , its obviously a bit compressed for Youtube , but it gives you an idea

    - Mikko Hirvonen from front screen

    - Off Roading

    - and this one shows it on the roof of a car and pointing at the driver

    As you can probably tell too, the light is a problem with them , so i would recomend you ask them for the WDR1 camera for the reat cage, and a normal bullet cam will be fine for the driver facing one ( the WDR1 has adjustable settings to compensate for bright light )

    It doesnt help for a driver facing shot, but i have used a Samsung HMX-10 as in in-car camera recently, some decent quality HD footage for about 100 + mount etc

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    Sorry its a massive post now ! didnt realise it showed videos and not just links ! lol

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    Thanks for the info and the vids. Im guessing here if i buy this setup i could just renew the bullet camera's for hd ones if they came out, hopefully. Have you burned your video to dvd. Once i can burn to dvd and it looks goo, i'll be happy. Always hard to tell looking at a youtube vid

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    No, updating to HD cameras wont be much better as the recorder will only be 720x576 resolution

    I did once try recoring from my VX2100 into the recorder from this, and while it was quite good, it wasnt the same, and thats just 3CCD not HD

    Dogcam do have one HD bullet cam system, not sure what its called, ( pv something ? ) and its aimed at police and security applications, so its not ideal for in-car use yet , i am sure the best bits of that and the best bits of the HQR will all be in one soon

    On DVD they do look a lot better, if your just using it for that purpose then it will be fine, it is probably one of the better systems you can get for that purpose. I have used a few bits off these cameras for the TV shows, but they arnt ideal for that, just a case of what was available ( as M-Sport didnt want to run anything too big in the Focus )

    The other thing is the angle of the lens, the wider it is the more light it lets in so you get more chance of white out of the screen - which is why the WDR1 is a better camera - Dogcam will do a deal to include one of those in the pack no problem

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    The WDR1 looks good alright, i might see if they would switch it for one of the camera's already included. Basically ill be videoing rallycross, motorbikes and formula libre cars and getting a few quid for it. Once i can give them nice quality on a dvd all will be well. Will the WDR1 work as good out side the car, would i be better just getting 2 of them. Also lense's, my setup would be back seat aiming out so i get the track ahead and the dash and gear change and other angle would be on the driver. What angle lense's would i need. Sorry for all the questions, i just want to get the right set up first time and not waste any money as im on a tight budget.


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    Yeh they will switch and do some custom set ups for you, ive done it before

    I dont think the WDR1 is waterproof , best check on that, so while it would be good in the car, it wouldnt be on Motorcross

    However, the problems with the light only come from the fact that the inside of the car is dark, and outside is light, so the camera compensates the dark so you can see inside the car, resulting in the screen being white out because its so bright

    If you were running on the bars of a bike for example, it would be fine with the normal bullet cames ( which are waterproof )

    As for angel, it comes with a wide angle on to start with , which i think was this one

    Also remember that ive cropped that to 16:9 , its originaly 4:3 , so you do see more at the top and bottom too - this was just the normal bullet cam, not the WDR1

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    Great stuff, just seen they have a Sony HQ-DNR-1 Bullet Camera
    Sony HQ DNR-1 Bullet Camera

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    I since bought a second gopro hd as i couldnt afford a pip system. I got a kingsten 16 gig class 6 card for 30 euro also. I use the 2 gopro's on one car aand use race render deluxe to make a pip video. Wasnt expensive to buy and will do me for what im at.

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    Please don't forget to show us the results... Thanks.

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