I'm curious about who else has this type of camera. The Canon Legria (or Vixia) HF S21. I've had two of these Canon Legria. Specifically the HF S21 The HF S21 I had I returned because you could see the lens hood. It's only really visible when shooting against white paper and your zoom is at a specific depth.
However, I returned this Canon Legria and received my new one. This again, has the same fault.
I'm desperate to find out if anybody else has this problem.
Here is a link to some images I put up on my private picture page. Please take a look. I would really appreciate help on this one.
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I've already had the Panasonic HS700 and discovered a limitation with it's O.I.S.
YouTube - cuillincollective's Channel
Even Panasonic admitted defeat with this one. Do camcorder companies no longer care about making good camcorders?

Anybody got a AVCHD camcorder that works properly?

Thanks for you help in advance.