It wasnt that much of a problem before, but now i have a bunch of custom presets that i use alot.

Namely in the Text Media.

Now theres the defualts such as the "Solid backround" and "Transparent Text" etc etc. I don't even use any of the presets.

Oh ya, this is Vegas Pro 8.0 of that matters.

Is there anyway to organize the order they appear in the drop down menu? I tried dragging and dropping. Also tried searching in the Help section. Tried using the arrow keys, though all that does is just scroll through what i have.

Its all ordered by when they were created. So the very first one i made is at the top right after "Combined Effects 3" which is a preset.

The thing is, There doesnt seem to be a way to alphabetize the order or at least, put the ones i use most on top. I can't delete the presets because Vegas tells its part of a plug in, but i'd be glad to just put them at the bottom of the list.

I know some of you may think this is kinda minor, but its getting to be a drag for me now.

It will certainly suck alot if the only way i can organize my presets is to start deleting them and then recreating them in the order I want. Now that would be barbaric.