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Thread: Capturing HD video on Vegas issue: Blue screen!

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    Default Capturing HD video on Vegas issue: Blue screen!

    Hi guys

    Just got myself a HV30 and have done some test footage and im trying to view it in Vegas. My version of Vegas is HD compatible

    I have connected the camera via firewire and Vegas recognises it no problem. I went to video capture and tried to capture the video.

    It has captured the audio but not the video and the saved file is in .m2t format. Which i cant open.

    The footage can be viewed on my television via a HDMI cable so i know i have something there

    Settings on the camera are:

    Playback Std - HDV
    Comp out - 1080i
    DV Output = HDV/DV

    Thanks in advance

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    No one have an answer?

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