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Thread: Vegas help-- External preview.

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    Default Vegas help-- External preview.

    OK, so stats first:

    Vista Comp/2.5 gig processor/64 bit/Pentium/4gigs ram/
    Twin Acer LCD monitors/ Sony Vegas 6.0b build 126

    I also have a dual monitor card, an NVIDIA EVGA GeForce 8400 GS Video Card with the two monitor outs (VGA and DVI)and an S-Vid out.

    I would like to preview externally from one of two ways; either with my second monitor or out to a TV with the S-vid port. I guess to make it even easier, I'd just like to be able to get the preview out through this card through whatever port I can.

    I looked around in "Options/Preferences/Preview Device" and the only device that Vegas lists is "OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394/DV". I'm assuming that's for an external Firewire VidCap device, but there aren't any other devices listed. I thought maybe it would list my GeForce card.

    If I can't use my GeForce card, how can I set up a preview out with the Firewire setup?

    Thanks a lot for any good info on this!

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    Previewing Video on a Secondary Windows Display


    If your Windows desktop is extended across multiple displays, you can use one of those displays to preview the timeline with no A/V synchronization drift perfect for ADR and Foley work.

    If you intend to deliver your project in an interlaced format, previewing on a computer monitor is not a substitute for previewing on an interlaced broadcast monitor.

    Windows Secondary display preview requirements:
    • <LI class=p-sbbul>A multiple-output graphics card that supports 3D acceleration (or multiple graphics cards: you could install AGP and PCI video cards in your system, for example).

      You can also use the Windows Secondary Display device on a computer with a single monitor. When you enable the external monitor, the video preview will fill your screen.
      <LI class=p-sbbul>A CRT, LCD, or projector connected to your computer's secondary video output.

      If you have a video card with DVI outputs, you can use a DVI-to-HDMI converter to connect to an HDMI monitor.
    • The Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor check box must be selected on the Settings tab of the Display Properties dialog (Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display).
    • <LI class=p-sbbul>Vegas Pro allows you to use one external video device at a time. The external monitor display will be unavailable during video capture.
    • When using an external video monitor, you need to enable external-monitor preview each time you start Vegas Pro. This change was made to prevent the possibility of hiding the main Vegas Pro window behind the secondary display when monitors are improperly configured.
    1. Use the Preview Device tab in the Preferences dialog to configure the display you want to use as a video preview monitor.
    1. Select the Preview on External Monitor button in the Video Preview window.

      You can turn off external preview by pressing Alt+Shift+4 or by clicking the secondary display and pressing Esc.
    Video is sent to your secondary display and the Video Preview window at the same time. If you experience dropped frames, try clearing the Display frames in Video Preview window during playback check box on the Preview Device tab in the Preferences dialog.

    This is taken from the Vegas help Just type in "external monitor".
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    If you have tow monitors set up then that should be an option on the Device in preview options,

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