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Thread: Quality issues.... analogue through pinnacle linx usb

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    Default Quality issues.... analogue through pinnacle linx usb


    We are having difficulties with a pinnacle linx USB cature device. The problem is that using Pinnacle Studio 8 (all latest patches applied) we cannot obtain a good capture quailty (machine is running XP HE, XP1800+) The capture device is allowing a good quality if Microsoft Movie Maker (and version 2) is used, but Movie Maker 2 only allows the image to be saved as WMV file format, which the pinacle burning software cannot deal with, it needs avi or mpg.

    So the question is does anyone know how to either get a higher quality image from Pinnacle Studio 8, or a good piece of software to convert wmv to mpg or avi that we could obtain so Movie Maker could be used instead?



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    Welcome to the forums!

    If anyone's having problems with capture, I always advise them to try one of a whole host of freeware/shareware applications available. One of our forum regulars says wonderful things about iuvcr (, but I havn't got around to this one yet.

    For analogue capture (I think this is how you're capturing), you can't go wrong with virtualdub (especially as it's free). check out a guide to capture at (it's about capturing video games, but the principles are there).

    VirtualDub should also be able to convert your WMV files to AVI (at least I think it can off the top of my head - unfortunately I'm stuck at work so can't verify this!). If it can't, I know that TMPGenc can convert from WMV to MPEG.

    That should keep you going for a little while!

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    Certainly should... thanks for that I'll see how we go!!!!

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