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Thread: A 'fresh' music video ...

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    Default A 'fresh' music video ...

    To be honest, I'm not satisfied by the result. The process on making this video was the most stressful so far. The song is totally not my 'thing' but as always the client asked me to do the video so I took the challenge.

    While the song is very vulgar, she was always nagging about the script being too kinky. I completely lost my freedom and energy along the way and decided to throw it all away and tried to shoot a mainstream video. While shooting I got lost in the bad energy that was surrounding this 'project' and couldn't concentrate hard enough on my creativity…

    anyway I'm glad the struggle is over, but it's hard to release something you're not fully supporting. As they say, you can't learn to walk without falling down.

    Take a look and shoot your critics

    take care!
    Digital Filmmaker @ Are Animals People

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    Despite the difficulties & the bad experience you had filming this we thought it was very good & unmistakeably your work.
    We are big fans of your music videos & if the artist was difficult then she doesnt deserve your best.
    We can see what you mean about making a mainstream video but still feel it retained enough of your own style to make it extremely watchable & still a cut above most other mainstream music vids.
    We really liked the slow motion outdoor shots of Tanja & the masked dancers behind the paintings & also the shots into the sun. The red & green lights indoors were also very effective.
    There was way too much of Tanja though, she looks a real bitch!

    Sarah & Allison

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    I understand what you are saying, even though your creativity was being suppressed you should still give yourself a pat on the back for producing a very watchable, well made music video. My only points would be whether there is to much use of text. Ok flashing the word Bitch now and again is ok but then you fell into using "Did I" which is not right in my view. Thats all I can say about it on the negative.

    You have a good over all look about the video. It's shot well and well crafted in the edit. I was particularly impressed with your use of transitions. You show there are times when they can work and I think you used them well.

    Very well done.

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    Hi dear community, it feels good to have the time again to watch other people's work

    This is - as midnight said imho a very well crafted video and transports - despite all the trouble you had shooting it - a very intense emotionality (at least suitable for the topic "Bitch" hihi).

    The first thing I liked about it was the nice camera work. The second thing that you must have collected a nice amount of spotlights

    "Bad energy" did not prevent you from doing a very good music video that's perfect for the topic

    Greetz from Germany

    Obi from SHICEHOUSE

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    i like the video ... to bad you had to put those girls "DANCING"

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