Hello all. I hate to barge into your community unexpected but I'm here to inform you about a new platform for artists of all kinds (including film makers).

IVYBetty.com (Intelligent Visionary Youth: Before everyone talks to you) is now featuring artists of all kinds and welcoming guest bloggers as well. We have a growing audience and are working on new ways to help people have their work presented properly.

Why submit your work to IVYBetty?
We feel that with sites like Blogspot, Youtube, Vimeo, Datpiff, Soundclick, etc. have all provided great ways for people to have their work readily available on the web. The problem is these free-for-all websites oftentimes makes it difficult for the serious/exceptional artists to be seen/read/heard.

Our goal is to provide a positive platform for artists of all kinds so that their work can have proper presentation and also allow them to speak on what inspired them, future projects, etc.

If youre a blogger, painter, film maker, musician or feel that you have created something that youd like to be seen check out our site and email us. If you have any questions/concerns feel free to email them as well.

email: Contact : IVYBetty.com Intelligent Visionary Youth : Before everyone talks to you...


P.S. if you guys have any questions that you'd like to post here, I'll be more than happy to answer them to best of my ability or if you have links to people who may be interested you can post them here.