I am looking to buy what i think is called a 'compact' video camera
I want to be able to put different lenses on it, e.g fisheye
I want it to be HD and my budget is of about £400 maximum really
I was looking around and dont know what is best sd? flash? or hard drive?
Also, i will be using a mac to edit and upload and mainly filming action sports (skating)

I saw a panasonic hdc-sd60 that looked good but then i saw a hdc-hs60 and a hdc-tm60.
which is the best and what is the difference??

When i get my camera I am hoping buy the opteka "skaters package" Amazon.com: Opteka Deluxe "Skaters" Package (Includes the OPT-SC37FE Platinum Series 0.3X HD Ultra Fisheye Lens, X-GRIP…
the fisheye lens in this is 37mm but comes with adaptors but i want to minimise the chance of there being a black ring around the footage and im guessing if i have an adaptor for a camera with a 30mm lens it will be more likely to have a black ring
because another camera i have been looking at is the sony hdr-cx115 and it has a 30mm lens fitting
also a panasonic hdc-hs250

Are these cameras god choices? And will the lens fit on them without a horrible black ring around the adges of the screen?


thank you very much in advance