Hi guys,

I'm hoping to shoot a film soon on an extremely small budget in Swindon. I'll be funding it myself meaning I can only really pay expenses.

It's a 3-4 minute short all shot in one location with two actors which though I'm scheduling for 2 days, will actually probably only take 1.

I'm looking for minimal crew which would be me, a sound recordist, DOP and possibly focus puller, making the shoot rediculously basic. I already have sound equipment so all I need is the recordist. I just need a DOP with own equipment and lenses. I can get lights on the cheap so that's all fine.

Just wondering if there is anybody in Swindon or in surrounding towns or City's (Bristol, Reading, Oxford) who would be interested in a fun, laid back shoot, for a powerful and moving script.

If you're at least interested, drop me a PM with your email and I'll send a script and other details.