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Thread: What is render and do I need to keep it?

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    Default What is render and do I need to keep it?

    Sorry, not sure if am in right forum....

    very much a newbie to all this...

    do I need to keep render once I've finished making a movie? It's taking up a lot of space on my hard drive!

    Many thanks

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    The "render" is the finished movie.

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    Default What is render and do I need to save it?

    well.... I have my finished film as an Mpeg 4 movie, which is all tickety boo - plays, uploads etc. Then in another folder called 'render' (which I didn't create!) there are separate folders for each of my finished films in it. This is the one I'd like to know about - can I delete the render folder for my finished film?


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    Sorry I didn't realise you where referring to a folder. I thought you was referring to the final rendered file.

    If you feel you have totally finished the project you are on then it will not harm anything if you delete this folder as it is probably just a working folder for the project. BUT if you go back to that project you may find that you have deleted work that you may need. It's hard to really know with the little information you have given.

    Are you using Pinnacle Studio ? I know this creates a folder called Render then sub folders for the different projects you have worked on, in these folders are the files of the transitions etc that you used. If this is the case it won't harm anything it will just mean that if you do go back to the project it will have to re-render the transitions etc.

    Hope this makes sense and helps.

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    many thanks - that all makes lots of sense.

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