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Thread: First Aid - music video shot in 6hrs

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    Default First Aid - music video shot in 6hrs (feedback appreciated)

    Hi there,
    This is a music video shot in 6hrs with the canon hv30 and edited in fcp. This is my first music video so would really appreciate some feedback.

    Here's the link

    Thanks guys

    EDIT: Link fixed
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    bumppppp bumppppppppppp

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    I'm guessing you had your camera with you and you spotted a road accident and took the opportunity to film it.
    You then had to come up with a story to fit around it.
    Am I right?
    If so, then people may have mixed feelings about you doing that - perhaps it's voyeuristic, rubbernecking or just in bad taste. On the other hand it may be seen as you have your camera on you, why not record events which are all part of life? Then the thought is whether or not it's "ethical" to include it in a fiction.
    If I'm not right then you either have the resources to stage a road accident (!) or you went out looking for one which is also somewhat dubious, not to say very persistent of you!

    All that aside, it's not really whatI'd call a music video as it's not really promoting the music - or even making a feature of it. It's just a film which happens to have no dialogue or nat sound.

    It's an interesting idea - a talisman that brings bad luck. I see the irony of the taisman being aid First Aid Kit, but I'm not sure that worked.

    The negative colour for when the FAK is taking effect was OK rather than good. i think I'd have preferred a much subtler treatment of the colours (eg the way Matrix has blue or green tints depending on whether the talent was in the matrix or not).

    Talking of colour, the non-FAK shots all had a strange colouration to them, as if you set the white balance in totally different lighting conditions. Was this intentional (and if so was there any reason for it) or did you just fail to set the WB correctly?

    After the road accident, the film went dead for a while. Indeed this was only halfway through and I felt the film would have been better if you'd basically cut it here, straight to him trying to get rid of the FAK.

    One of the things which didn't work for me was the talent seemd to be oblivious to the fact that all this was going on around him - he has no reation to it - let alone that the FAK is causing it. Yet he then goes to a church to discuss with the commander in chief/meditate on the issue.

    When he leaves the church we have an unnecessarily long journey - we don't need to see all that. A couple of street shots and a few of him running up the stairs is all that's required.

    There's also some inconsistency here - the POV shots are speeded up or at least as if he's running, yet the shots of him have him walking.

    Don't get me wrong, the idea is not bad and there's lots of good stuff in here - for example the throwing of the FAK off the top of the building was well done, you had a reasonable mix of shots, I liked the dutch tilt you threw in at one point. I foud the shots of the talent from in front and behind quite unusual and "brave" etc etc. It's just more useful to point out areas which might be (in my opinion) improved.

    All in all a pretty good effort for a first music video. (even if it's not a music video)

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Ok I admit this wasnt a music video - im a 1st year film student so i guess that kinda came across lol. I wanted to make a film, without dialogue, just music, but that is different than a music video.

    The accident was really weird cause just as we wlaked downto the bridge to do those shots, the accident happened right in front of us and i just couldnt help recording it. I tried to use the nnegative effect to disguise any of the people involved.

    Yes i totally take on board what u say about dead scenes, and lack of emotion form the lead. I agree that the best part is the roof scene were he throws the FA kit.

    THanks again for the feedback, it was my 1st time trying out the camera in a film, an i've still got tonnes to learn about the controls.


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    liked the tune but felt the video was a bit too long. also, i would have used more colour grading or black and white.

    you captured some nice footage i particularly liked the stairwell, lift, and roof top stuff very cabaret voltaire ! Nnot so sure about the park scenes the urban stuff fits with the tracj better i think.

    BTW, audio plays only on one channel.

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    An interesting idea for a narrative. I don't think you pull it off though. The reaction or should I say lack of reaction to what was going on around him just confused me.

    The colour seemed to be all over the place like you just didn't set the white balance or something like that. Some nice shots and a good variety but over all it didn't work for me.

    The editing needs to be much tighter we don't need to see him walking along the street so much ie leaving the church could be cut straight to entering the other building this may have helped keep to to a much more acceptable length.
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    thanks man. Yea the characters reactions were't developed properly and i had problems with pulldown on the hv30.

    Cheers 4 the advice

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