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Thread: Weekend Mechanic - How To Install Off-Road Recovery Points

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    Smile Weekend Mechanic - How To Install Off-Road Recovery Points

    This is a video series called the Weekend Mechanic! This is a how-to video series that will show people a basic step-by-step process on how to maintain, fix and install accessories to a vehicle. With expert video editing! The show is supposed to be serious with a little humor added to it. Meaning that the show mainly is just an overview of how to install something and you would know what work would be required for how to install something. The first video had some humor, but we are trying to make the videos with some lighter humor to be more serious. We try to upload a new video a couple times a month in a season and we just got started. There a few videos uploaded now and here is one of them, there are more on the channel! Let us know what you think and please rate, comment and subscribe!

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    You need to slow down and speak more clearly - especially as you use some jargon in there. I listened several times to the "today we're gouing to install some ***** recovery points" and still couldn't make out what you were saying. Ditto the stuff you sprayed on to loosen the bolts.

    I accept that your target audience will be more familiar with the jargon/brand names, but even they have to pck it up from somewhere.

    I thought the intro was too long - especially for a web programme. It was also a hotch-potch of different styles. The initial bit with you driving up, getting out of the car, then talking to the camera was extremely long and contrasted with the high-energy music. If you must have that scene do a few jump cuts and when you start talking cut to a close up.

    The best looking part of the intro for me was the first vido wall (with the white borders) - the 3D one after that looked a bit lame - probably vecause it didn;t have the white borders.

    All the same, 10 secs max for an introl.

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    See some one on that loose his nerve slightly...I got that too. damn its hard to talk to a camera. Right I know its very hard to shoot underneath a vehicle and I could see the end result of what you had done ...good. But what are the front off road recovery points for? about a demo of them in action?.. How tight do the bolts go upto?....

    can't recall if you mentioned about removing the sway bar ( we call it an Anti Roll Bar in GB)....did you change the bushes when you removed the bracket?...

    Pay attention to the fact audiences want to know what brands of tools you are using....did i see industrial finish socket wrench on there?.....was it snap on or your american craftsman series tools I see in the red box?

    The bolt sizes are by thread size and 15mm bolt means nothing .... the head of the bolt is 15mm and you use a 15mm socket on a 5/8" bolt for instance.

    Safety......make a real point of why you are using goggles to protect your eyes however your man could get splatter of hot plastic on his face and what happens if he slips whilst underneath the cutting instrument....dangerous practice....even if you have a disclaimer on the start of you video you do have a responsiblity to you audience to carefully plan this and play safe.

    I like what you are doing, its constructive. Where are you guys from?

    here,... now its your turn ....... you can give me some of you opinions on my video too since I am still a novice with videography. tell me where I may be going wrong... llets see if you can hear a toilet flushing in one of my vids...

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