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Thread: Need help with my Intro!

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    Default Need help with my Intro!

    Hey guys!

    I just made a nice intro with Adobe After Effects and need help to add sound effects to it.
    The clip is around 10 seconds long, and I am asking for someone that can add audio effects into it, I don't own a software I can add audio effects to clips, that's why I'm asking for this.

    Here's the clip as a stream (Bad quality): View My Video

    View My Video

    And here on Megaupload (HD, 7MB): MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    If someone has the time to add some nice sound effects to my clip, please do so !

    Thanks for reading.


    Some information if anyone is willing to do this, on how to do this:

    Maybe at the beginning some sounds of like pencils, and when it zooms out maybe some sound that people usually add at zoom ins, and at the end some bzzzzzt .
    I hope you understood what my point is, can't express me that good in english, thanks.
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    Let me advise you...

    Use the power of Google to find a website that offers the Sound FX you need for royalty free download.

    Then drop your 7MB intro into adobe premier.

    Then drag on whatever sound FX you want in order.

    Then export it out of premier.

    Then enjoy the fact that you have created an entire intro video for yourself from scratch...

    Then read this

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