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Thread: Premiere Pro CS5 - 5 channel support and Windows 64Bit

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    Default Premiere Pro CS5 - 5 channel support and Windows 64Bit

    Hey all, I have been using CS3, but really need 5 channel audio support. Does anyone know if CS5 has this?

    Also, I realise I need to upgrade Windows to the 64 Bit version. This means I will have to erase my hard drive and start again. Anyone got experience of this? I would be interested to hear how you got on before giving it a go!


    potdot (Adam)

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    Hi Adam,

    I thought CS3.0 supported 5.1 surround, is this not what you need when you talk about 5 ch sound?

    I believe that you can upgrade your windows rather than having to wipe your hard drive, I may be wrong, but I remember when I upgraded from win95, to 98, and then from 98 to XP. I dont know if this is actually possible going from a 32bit to a 64bit system, but due to past experiences, I dont see why it shouldnt be possible. Why do you want a 64bit system anyway? large file capacity? I have win XP 32bit, and my pc has 4gb RAM, and i can edit movie files up to 11GB (biggest so far), from premiere to Encore to create Bluray discs.

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    Hey, thanks for the reply. I have only recently bought a camera capable of recording 5.1, the Panasonic SD-700, so I have never tested this on CS3 before. I didn't think CS3 could support this, but I could be wrong. I need 64Bit on Windows as that is all that is supported by CS5, and I need CS5 as CS3 won't edit the AVCHD files! I have just read online that because I am going from 32 Bit to 64 Bit, there is no possibility of upgrading and I will therefore have to wipe the drive and start again. Bit of a pain, but it seems to be essential.

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