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    I just got Video Studio 8 and have a question. When I am edinting a clip, can you pause it in the middle of the clip for a couple of seconds and then have it start playing again. Example : I have a clip of my brother taking a jump when he was snowboarding. I want to pause in the middle of his jump and have some text on the screen and then have the video continue playing. If this cant be done with this software do you know of one that can? Thanks

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    I don't have Video Studio, but I'm sure it can be done in the timeline mode:

    1) razor the clip to isolate one frame, then set the speed of this clip to a very low figure
    2) export a still of the frame and place it on the timeline, then stretch the in and out points.

    There may be a way particular to Video Studio to achieve this.

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    As ever young Marc is spot on with his advice. Specificially

    On the storyboard select the clip you want to split.

    Move the Jog bar to the point where you want to split.

    From the Clip menu select Split Video. You will now have two video clips on the timeline rather than one

    On the timeline, or storyboard, select the second of these two clips.

    From the Clip menu select Save as Still Image. This will place a still Image of the first frame of your second clip in the Production Library. Quite conveniently the Production Library view will have changeed to show your still image at the bottom of the Image Library.

    Now drag that Image to between your two Video Clips.

    Hey presto you have a still frame (or pause) as required. You can adjust the duration of this still image in the Timelien view.

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    That worked perfectly. You guys rock!!!

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