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    I am new here and really would like some advice please regarding a new digital video camera. This is to record the growing up of a soon-to-be new family member so would really like to get this decision right so we can have some great family videos to watch in the future.

    Unfortunately we are on a very small budget. My requirement would be something under 150 and with SD storage as this is going to be used mostly by my sister who is not the most tech savvy - I imagine I will be much more able to teach her how to drag and drop some video files from an SD card into a simple editing program and burning a DVD than teaching her how to use firewire cables, DV capture program, then deal with the huge files involved etc etc.

    I have seen things like the Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG10 for 85 on eBuyer which seems to have OK video quality but lacks image stabilization: <-- this video in particular makes me feel slightly ill with the shakiness. But this is the kind of thing I am looking for - small, light, easy to use with SD card recording BUT hopefully find something with image stabilization and not quite as overly saturated video too. HD (well... ok we're not going to get much more than 720p for this price, right?) would be nice (so we can keep hold of the files for the future when blu-ray burners/media come down in price) but for now these will probably be recorded to DVDs.

    Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    take a look at the panasonic sdr-s26, you can find vids on google videos, plenty of reviews inexpensive for batteries/sdhc cards, has a single iA (intelligent auto mode) or manual settings.
    quite amazing 70 x optical zoom and the low light performance seems pretty good to me.
    just got one (refurbished) looks new to me! from pixmania 115 inclusive.
    it's pocket sized and very simple if you want it to be.
    not hd but what do you expect at the price.

    you can also find the manual (pdf) on the panasonic site so you can read that before spending money.

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    Default sony alpha nex 5

    My friend has purchased the sony alpha nex 5 and I was just playing with his camera found the images just a bit too soft for me. Since image quality is the thing I was looking for I went with sony. Along with best image quality some of the best point are ability to shoot HD video and also has excellent macro mode.

    The brand new Sony Alpha NEX-5 delivers the image quality of a big SLR camera, but it handy as a compact. A great combination for advanced photographers looking for a strong photo-lightweight.
    Photo series, you can shoot at 2.5 frames per second. The pace increases to seven images per second, when you give up focus and exposure tracking.
    A good jack of all trades, which is a solid compact or bridge camera upgrade kit
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