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    I recently made this 14 minutes short film. The language is Telugu which is our regional language but English subtitles are provided.
    This is shot with Canon HV40 with no extra lenses or no DOF adaptor. Edited on Sony Vegas 9 Professional.



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    I like a film which starts at the end and then goes backwards. It didn't really capture me until the recap where we first saw the girl as before this it seemed like just another excuse for a shooting scene. It really needed something to make the plot stand out as different earlier on.

    However, I watched that far because I thought that you'd put the film together very well. The dubbing was good and this led to a very clear sound and this led to a very clear sound which I've now discovered matters even if you don't understand the language! The music was good and kept balanced well so it didn't interfere with the dialogue. I wonder whether we should have had a bit of ambient sound as it did sound very unnatural especially when they were o the bike.

    Most shots were well composed, though I think you could have done with some reflectors in places where the characters appeared a bit dark. I thought the shots whilst riding the bike were particularly well done (how did you do that out of interest? A car running alongside?)

    I also liked the cutting to a still, zooming in, then back out into reverse shots. It made for a good transition whilst making it clear what was happening.

    Once we got to the first scene with the girl, the plot suddenly became much more interesting with some clever twists and turns. I think I'd be tempted to have ended it earlier, though - perhaps after she explains she's been acting and we hear the gunshot. Leave us guessing at what they may do next. xplaining it with the call to the ACP and then killing the guy doesn't really add anything and leaves us disliking all the characters, whereas before, we have some empathy with all three of them.

    There again, you may have need ed that as the whole "I think twice before shooting" may be a more significant line in your native language - or possibly your culture.

    Still, a very enjoyable film which gets 4/5 from me.

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    TimStannard, Thanks very much for the detailed feedback.
    As you said, I realized that I must take more care on Ambient sounds and must use reflectors from next time onwards. I did notice the dark faces in post and regretted for not using the reflectors.

    Regarding the bike shots, Those were shot from inside a car dickie where the camera was mounted on the tripod to get the study picture. Car's back door is opened for the whole shoot. It took many shots to capture the right shot because syncing the car and bike speed has been a difficult thing for us. I think It still would have looked better if the bike has little more speed.

    The other points you mentioned are all noted and Thanks again for the 4 rating.

    Ravi Vide

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