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    Default FX help

    Thanks for the past help i have received, now I need some more Vegas help on another affect Ive tried but it hasn't been fast enough check the video. watch from 0:13-0:15

    thanks in advance

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    Yeah . . . well sure one can do intercuts like this. Not a problem. It's just so friggin' tediooooous - But really? This kinda work needs a Vegas plugin to do it . . hold on . . . ? Maybe there is?!??

    "What's that you say Skippy? There is? It's located near the atomic mine shaft Outlet - and it's about to blow?!? OMG!?!? RUN for the Friggin hills .. " . . ahem . . .

    I've been using this fresh-in-the-marketplace Plug for Vegas ( officially called a Command Extension . . o .. k .. . ) in my last two projects - TOTAL MAYHEM! Woah!!!!!! - Comes with a 5-STAR Grazie recom.

    Get it NOW! VASST - Mayhem

    WARNING: This s/w is completely totally addictive . . love it! - It's what the marriage/conjunction of Vegas and its powerful scripting engine can do when in the hands of a couple of creatives like Johnny "Roy" Rofrano and Douglas Spotted Eagle, the authors - nice one Boyz!

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    Oh boy! It's the sort of thing I must have though I have no use for it. Just have to create a use now.

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    Bigben - be WARNED it is highly addictive!!!

    Now something that is almost the Front-End of Vegas allowing us to manipulate the Plug to do the creative work. Mayhem is little more than an Earthquake in terms of its value to Vegas. Now, hopefully, Johnny & Douglas have shown the way forward to "other" programmers to come out with even more creative tools for Vegas.

    . . . .

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    Hi! I just installed a trial version of Mayhem. Forgive my ignorance but how do I find it and use it? I opened my project in Vegas thinking I would find it in the VFX tab but it's not there.

    Just noticed my brand new account shows that I use Movie Maker...I need to fix that but until then, I actually use Vegas 8.0c.
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    It's an Extension - not a Fx. Look under View > Extensions - yeah?

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    Ah! Thank you! Now...I feel so helpless; trying to figure out how to add an effect to only segments of my choosing. Random? No. Frames? Hmm...

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    Hi, I'm one of the authors of Mayhem. As Grazie points out Mayhem is a Vegas command extension and can be found under View | Extensions | Mayhem 1.0. You can dock it in a window like all of the other Vegas windows so that you can keep it open as you work with it.

    Just select the track that you want to affect, make a timeline selection for the duration of the effect and press the Process button. Mayhem will cut the video up into small pieces and scramble them around. If you don't like the result, press Ctrl+Z to undo, select a different preset and apply it again. You can save your own presets too. The Trial is fully functional for 15 days.


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    Wonderful! I will give it a try. Thank you both so much, and thank you, JohnnyRoy, for creating what looks like a great tool!

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