OK, strange one this.............

Someone sent me a couple of SD cards with some footage on from a Samsung HMX-10 , i put the card in my card reader, went through the directories and found the video folder, opened it up and found the 9 files that were on there.

Double clicked on the first one to check it looked ok before i copied to the machine, it opened up in VLC player as normal, but then brought up an error and said it couldnt play, shut down VLC player and that was it

Went back into the folder, and everything has gone, replaced by one non-descript icon that is named USBC.

I also have a HMX-10 so i put the card in there to see if i could play back the files in that ( havent recorded on the card or anything, just tried playback ) and nothing, says its an empty card

The above mentioned file is showing up as almost 2gb, so its clearly something still, but it wont let me re-name it or anything ( as i was going to simply try adding a .mpg file extesion )

Anyone any ideas for getting the files back ?