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Thread: Music video. Finaly finnished

  1. Default Music video. Finaly finnished

    The video "By your side" with Above All from sweden is finaly finnished after some time.

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    Love it.

    I think this is the perfect music video.

    Ok I've thought about it a bit, one thing that is not to my taste is the over use of the "out of focus" not that it doesn't work well in places just a little over use for my personal taste.

    It doesn't stop me loving the video.
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    The out of focus is my bad =)
    Small viewfinder´s and no monitors.

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    Yeah, very good video.
    It shows how by incorporating a bit of a story line in a music video you can achieve so much more.
    Dont want to criticise but I really didnt like the predominant bluey green & orange hues.
    So much so that I stopped the video really early on the first viewing. Then I read Midnight's rave review & gave it another go, ignored the colouring & reappraised it.


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    What dof adaptor did you use. I totally understand about the small screen. I use a HVX201, why or why did they put a SD screen on it !

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    I´ve used the letus 35, an early one. =)

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    Great solid video, love the energy in the beginning. Not a big fan of the 'pathetic' story but it works very well.
    Good job !

    How did you manage to film in a hospital ? Did you use streak filters on the shots with the lights in the back ?
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    Thanx =)

    As always you need to know someone who works there to pull it of.
    The light streaks were made in post in After effects,


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