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    Default Rendering Woes

    Hi There,

    Looks like I have hopefully stumbled on the right place for Vegas issues.
    Completly new to Vegas but so far it's been really easy to use.

    Am trying Vegas as WMM, although originally OK has become completly unreliable.

    Have had a few lockups and crashes (in Vegas 9.0c Build 30), but so far usable.

    My problem is just rendering the completed video. I can get to approx 43% - the render gets to that point quickly and then just hangs at Aprox time left 00.00.00

    All input clips are .wmv format.

    The PC is XP x64 SP2 latest patches, 8GB RAM Intel Core 2 Quad so lots of oomph.

    The PC is totally stable apart from in Video Editing, I have researched and installed all the latest BIOS, Video Drivers etc from the manufacturer.

    I have searched Sony Vegas Rendering Crashes and tried various fixes, but none have helped so far.

    In task manager vegasMovieStudioHD90.exe gets to 696.120k and no further.

    I can only kill the process or shutdown/reboot to exit Vegas.

    Any ideas anyone ?


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    I am going to create an isolated VM with Windows 7 and install Vegas in that, we shall see.

    BTW can I delete a post on this forum ?


    Windows 7 x 64 built. Dual Proc 4GB RAM All Win7 updates applied. Only latest Vegas HD installed.
    Guess what, render got to a record 50% and crashed Vega totally.


    Any ideas ?
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