Hi there,
Ive just purchased the following PC Workstation:
HP XW6000
Windows XP Pro
Dual Core Intel Xeon HT 2x 2.8GHz (listed as 11.2GHz total)
400GB IDE Hard Drive
250GB External USB Hard Drive
2GB RAM (upgradeable to 8GB - gonna put in an extra 1GB from old CPU)
1 AGP (x slot - looking at a Asus 3450 HD 512MB HDMI Graphics Card
4 PCI Slots - use one for 5.1 surround card

Speed HZ8 1080P SDHC Camcorder (saves 1080P footage as mov. files)

Now I just have a few questions/concerns that I hope,
someone could help me out with. I'm looking to make a bonus DVD,
to accompany my bands upcoming CD. All the footage is in 1080P.
Would this computer be capable of the following:

Previewing 1080P footage using Sony Vegas 8 or Magix Movie Edit Pro 15+ ?
Be able to preview timeline using VGA connector on 15" LCD monitor,
and preview on 1080P 40" Samsung LCD via HDMI at the same time,
using listed graphics card?
Burn BluRay discs with a USB 2.0 external BluRay burner for future HD projects

Ive previous experience editing/burning DVD projects & 5.1 mixes etc..
but I'm just not 100% sure the above will be enough for HD editing.
Hope anyone can help with advice, sorry for the many questions.