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    Lightbulb A campaign video ...

    This time I had to make a short campaign video for the upcoming elections.

    Because of the urgency, our government fell in Belgium, we had no time to think of some scenario.
    So this time I just tried to make it clear, simple & short ... And again as always it's a very low budget 'production'.

    Take a look & share your feedback:

    It was filmed with my Canon XH-a1 & sgpro 35mm adapter + other gear.

    In a few days I will release another music video, this time it was a hard nut to crack...I'll post it here when I'm paid

    take care all !
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    Well, I don't know what any of it says, but I love how it was made. Usually when I've seen this style before, the person's hand doesn't quite fit the graphics they push/pull around. But the illusion is pulled off quite nicely in yours. Nice work there.

    My only critique is that the video seems a bit dark in some scenes. That could just be my monitor, though.

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    The affect works well. What was the purpose of speeding up the footage at around 25 secs ? Who is the old guy ?

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    Thanks, the effect was already installed while shooting, meaning: we used a small white wooden board to already have a physical prescense (maybe wrong English) of the titles while shooting, so it was easier for her to 'act'. (it's the same board she's holding above her head around 0.37 sec)

    So in post I replaced the small white board by a white layer and masked the hand frame by frame. Only problem was the timing: somebody was pulling and pushing the board in front of the shot... because the client felt it was a bit slow I had to speed up the shots, so thats why ...

    About some shots beeing dark, think it's more a question of monitor calibration as on those I've seen it, it looks ok.

    The old man at the end of the movie is the 'artist' who paints the roots of trees, like the one in front of the shot. The title before was about supporting creativity...
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