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Thread: Motion detection in a pre-recorded video

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    Does anyone know of any software that can detect motion in a pre-recorded video, and either take a snapshot or a record of the time of motion. I know that there are plenty of programs that can do this with a live video, but I have not been able to find one for pre-recorded footage - perhaps there is a way of tricking the program into thinking the pre-recorded video is in fact live?

    I have many, many hours of video to watch with unpredictable activity (a bird entering a nestbox)!

    Failing that, if anyone is aware of a free media player that can play multiple videos at the same time, has fast forward/rewind function, and forward and backward frame skip. I need to be able to precisely stop the video to analyse the food in the birds beak, the bird is on camera for less than a second in most cases!


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    Not aware of anything specifically that will do it BUT!
    Most consumer level video editing software has motion detection for the purpose of splitting a large file into more manageable chunks.

    Depending on the format of the video files in question you could load one big file up and have the program detect the "scenes. Turn the sensitivity of the motion detection up high and the program will cut the video at the points where it detects motion.

    You would then have to check simply the start point of each created file to see what motion caused the program to place a cut there and then if correct, take a screen grab.

    Again with stepping through videos you probably can't beat dedicated video editing software for doing that.

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