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Thread: im so new... and thick... (i need a LEADer)

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    Default im so new... and thick... (i need a LEADer)

    pls help me

    ive spent 1200 on a sony viao grt815m...

    it has firewire (i think this means its an updated kinda usb thingy which can accept video capture from an analogue or digital device)

    my dilemma is i have loads of videos to burn on the the dvd writer on my laptop... BUT i dont have a lead..

    i think i need a scart to usb/firewire.... or summot like that..

    where can i get one.. and how much?


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    You need a firewire cable. If you've got a laptop, you'll probably need a 4-pin to 4-pin firewire cable.
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    Default 4 pin to 4 pin

    the thing is my videos are on vhs...

    my video only has scart and phono (thingy) outputs...

    the 4pin lead wont accept that will it?

    (the laptop does have an iLink but that is for Sony Digital camcorders only i think - it looks smaller than a usb (an s400 i think)

    is there any other options? :(

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    Sorry, misread your original post. You're looking at analogiue to digital conversion. There's quite a lot on the forums already, plus check out this link:
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    Default Analogue to digital conversion

    thanks.. cool site..

    i know what i need now, ive looked for an external analogue to digital converter.. and theyre about 60.00... a bit too much really..

    u dont know of a cheaper alternative???

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