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    Hey guys,

    Still a newbie in the video editing universe .

    I'm supposed to make a video for someone, but I want to use a particular style.
    I want to use the exact style as used in the following new video from cypress hill:

    Can anyone tell me what exact style this is made in? I'm sure I can piece a video like this together using aftereffects, but I can't for the life of me find any related pictures or material.

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    There are a lot of FX in this including green screen, colour manipulation, split screen, picture in picture, animation, animation/drawing fx etc....

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    Thanks ,

    But what I meant was, what are the style of pictures theyre using?
    I know its some kind of grunge or something. Sorry for not being specific

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    I don't know that this style it has a specific name. If I had to put a name on it I call it Monochromatic Grunge or Monogrunge for short. Monochromatic because it only uses one colour on black and white and grunge because like you said it's grungy.

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