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Thread: Crazy bible thumper!!!

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    Default Crazy bible thumper!!!

    Made another video for church. Again, the audio isn't great, but the video quality is better than the first I showed. Let me know what you think.

    I'm realizing the limitations of free software, too. I'm thinking about getting either Adobe Premiere Elements 7 (because I heard 8 crashes a lot), or Sony Vegas HD Studio. Any opinions?

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    Brace yourself.

    The sound is technically awful. The script is dire, the acting is even worse. The exposure for the POV shot is way too dark.

    All in all... Not good, sorry.

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    I would go for the Sony software. Like Gaffer said the video is not great. The sound in a video is as important as the visuals (some would say more).

    If you can't hear what is being said you are not getting your message across.

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    As a totally amateur videomaker like yourself I thought the video was actually quite good for what you wanted to get across, with a certain naive charm & the acting & the script quite decent also.
    However, as has been already pointed out you need to sort out the sound!!

    Get a better camcorder with a separate mic & a decent video editing programme & you could achieve so much more.

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    I don't need to mention the sound again, do I?

    That aside, Gaffer has already mentioned the exposure on the POV shot. This is where you need to delve into the manual settings of your camera (it's probably there somewhere, hidden away under loads of menus). Set to expose the subject (the girl) correctly - the sky will be over exposed, but don't worry about that.
    You've got it on autoexpose which is giving you two problems: 1 it's trying to balance the exposure (which, as the girl is against the sky makes her too dark) and 2. When the book covers the camera, it tries to increase exposure, which is why we see the brief flashes of white immediately after the book is removed (before the auto exposure has had time to adjust for the fact the book has moved)

    There were a couple of things I liked - the "POW", whilst simple, was effectively done and you've kept pace by giving us a variety of shots. I'd go a bit further and add some real close ups into the mix.

    Watch out though, the initial cut from wide to mid back to wide suffers as in the wide shot the talent has her hands down, but in the mid shot she is resting on her right arm.

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