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Thread: Capture ?solution to firewire problems

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    Question Capture ?solution to firewire problems

    I have become totally frustrated trying to capture from my Sony FX1000 using Firewire. I now shoot with the Sony, then capture with my Canon HV30 because I cannot get my FX1000 to be recognised by my PC with Adobe CS4, on a i7 PC with windows 7.
    So.. I wondered if a Matrox Mini capture card which uses HDMI would not be a workaround.The FX1000 does have HDMI out and the Matrox has HDMI in.
    Does anyone know if this would solve the Firewire conundrum of which I see many people with Sony (mainly) complain about?

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    Unhappy Matrox Mini to Capture ANYONE?

    Can anyone shed some light on this option?

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    Sony do not have the latest update to enter distribution Firewire, you refer to in Sony Vi?t Nam 3A% 2F% 2F%

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