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Thread: HDTV surveillance network camera for quality video production?

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    Default HDTV surveillance network camera for quality video production?

    Is it possible?

    Dear all,

    Does anyone have experience with HDTV video surveillance network cameras for advertising video making purposes?

    I've found one model of video surveillance camera with full HDTV resolution, so I was wondering can I use her in order to make a quality video presentation of my company?

    Here's the website where I found info on this surveillance camera model:
    video nadzor
    HDTV video surveillance network camera

    If anyone has tried to make a quality video presentation with surveillance network cameras, please share your experiences...

    Thank you in advance!

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    I am by no means experienced with cameras so feel free to ignore me but,
    That appears to be a 1200 camera. Could you not get something a lot more conventionally user friendly for that kind of money.

    i am thinking batteries, view screen, manual controls, quality of lens. You are still going to need decent sound equipment, so why not start with a decent grade of consumer camera for a third to half that money.

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