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Thread: Sony Vegas Rendering Issues

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    Default Sony Vegas Rendering Issues

    Every time I try to render a video for Youtube I get the same error:

    "An error occurred while creating the media file 'name here'.

    The system is low on memory. You may be able to reduce memory usage by closing other applications."

    This has never happened before the last few days. I've done nothing different. I've uploaded 20 videos over the last few months doing the exact same thing. One day after editing it just gives me this error when attempting to render. It's a 6 minute video. I've done much longer ones and no problems until the last few days. My computer is fine.2.50GHz and 3.24GB RAM. That's WAY more than enough to get the job done. I've defragged with Auslogics Disk Defrag, Cleared all unnecessary processes with msconfig, rebooted, the whole nine yards and still the same problem. Even tried un-installing and re-installing. Is there any way I can fix this? Thanks.

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    Rendering is the most sustained CPU intensive process you will execute.

    My default Project Template for HDV 720-30p doesn't pick up 32-point floating point as an option for Pixel format. As this is not a default I can only imagine you have selected it. Why? What happens when you revert to the default 8-bit? I know that 32-bit is very CPU intensive.

    You also have your source media being adjusted to meet your project settings. Does or doesn't your media reflect your project settings? So what media are you rendering from?

    Also noticed that your Audio sampling rates aren't the same throughout. Why? Is there a reason for this?

    You have this YouTube Render Template format. Where did you get this from? Is it a recommended template? I don't do YouTube so I'm not acquainted with their parameters.

    One of the Tabs you haven't revealed is your "Project" settings in the Render Template. What setting have you for this.

    As an overall guide I try to make my workflow reflect MOST of my Media content. I set my Proj settings to match my Media. I then make a render reflecting those Project settings and then finally render to my delivery format.

    To recap:

    1] Edit in Media Format
    2] Primary Render in Media Format
    3] Secondary Render in Delivery Format

    Now one can, and I do, render my SD footage directly to MPEG if the project is seconds to 10s of minutes long. I try to keep the CPU overheads down to a minimum.

    What can really push a CPU is the many difference in:-

    Media <> Project Settings <> Render Settings

    And ALL of this can be doubly harder for the CPU if one should then confuse whether the render should be set to thew project settings and/or the media should reflect the Render format!

    Render IS the most sustained CPU intensive process you will execute. Try to assist Vegas by making small steps in the conversion process from Edit to Delivery format. It is my opinion you have down too much, too quickly in the shortest way (why the 32-bit??).

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    Thing is, I've been using these settings for months and just now am I getting this error. Out of the blue.

    Early in the post you said something about source media I didn't quite understand. Are you saying that the media I imported is being put through the project settings as well and is slowing down my computer? If so, how can I fix this?

    Like I said I've been using the exact same settings for months with no issues until the last few days. Done everything from shut down all unnecessary processes to defragging my computer. Nothing works.

    Oh, and I have no problems rendering with the exact same settings for everything in Sony Vegas 8. If I can't fix the problem with 9 should I just use 8? That's what I plan to do however, none of the .veg files I created in 9 will work in 8 because it says they are not supported which is weird because it is a .veg file.. Is there a way I can convert them to work for 8?

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    Notwithstanding your information about your Render Settings for the "Project" tab - mine are Use Project Settings - I just used your settings throughout. I rendered a 27 second clip of the NEW Canon XF350 output (4:2:2 50mb/sec media - dreamy!) to the WMV template you posted. It took about 4mins 37secs to render - that's a render ratio time/duration of . . er . . wait for it . . . . . 10:1 . So, that's a relatively long render time. But yes this was with the new Media but there again it didn't have any fades or FX-ing or whatever. Plus the render took account of the Project Settings too.

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    You say nothing has changed. Well, if you can do it in V8 and not in V9 then something has changed? What build and version of V9 are you running?

    As to running through thew workflow I'm offering you what works for me and assists me in getting my work out to clients.

    Broadly speaking V9 has more going on than V8. Do a test and see how much more usage of your page file and CPU is being gobbled-up. Now take that off the top of what you can see in V8 and then you can make a judgment.

    I know I have be far more "house-proud" with V9 than I was in V8. Do some clearing out of the Project Media by clicking the lighting bolt. This will remove any unused Media that is not needed on the Timeline - I've found that will assist.

    So pragmatically I have had to accept that V8 is NOT the same as V9 when it comes to stressing the PC. There is just so much more in V9. Again, what version and build of V9 are you running?

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