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    Exclamation Fastest Possible Way To Render

    Ok I have a 19 min video that I need to have rendered and burned to a dvd for tomorrow. The only effects I have are a couple dissolves between videos. I don't care about quality, I just want it to be rendered in less than 7 or 8 hours ideally. Every setting I tried hasnt been fast enough yet.

    So, what settings should I use to get the fastest possible rendering?


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    Typically if I had my SD AVI media on the timeline, with purely dissolves/X-fades and no FXs then I'd be looking at say 30 minutes for the Main AVI from a 20,minute project and then something like less than 18 minutes to MPEG2 for the Video and then AC-3 for the Audio in about 2 minutes. SO all-in-all 40 mins for the prep to DVDA.

    But with you NOT supplying any detail it is truly impossible to make a determination on Render speed.

    Over to you.

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    Thanks for the quick response. I've tried to render as mpeg2 and avi and i just cancel after it passes like 9 hours for time left. I would like to know if there are any certain settings I should be using.


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    What is your media?

    What are project settings?

    Have you got any Track FX-ing or majorly Video Bus adjustments?

    Any Generated media ..

    The list can be large. You need to make an audit of WHAT it is you are working with.

    For the moment, forget about the render template.

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    What computer are you using ? This sounds like a very long time for 19 mins of movie, is it HD ? What is the original format of the movie. Help us to help you.

    Keep the size of the movie small and the bit rate low. This will increase the speed of the rendering. Don't use the computer for anything else even fire wall and Anti virus. Have the render from a different HD but keep to internal HDs not USB external. Defrag the disk.

    You see how this is not a simple one answer question.

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    the video is mostly low quality .mov videos captured from a hi 8 video camera. There's maybe 2 short avi videos. and there's maybe 3 medium to long mp3 tracks over the video at certain points. Several short (0-1 second) mp3 sound effects over video. Maybe 3 fades on audio and a lot of db adjustments. No major fx, one video change to black and white. Only dissolves and two clock transitions. Text media over video at one point and by itself twice. No generated media. 7 tracks total.

    Project settings are the default. Usually i use final cut pro on a mac but i had to use vegas this time. NTSC DV 720x480. 29.970 fps.

    The computer I'm using is a dell xps 400 with original hardware. Not that fast but has been able to handle any previous projects (not vegas) well.

    Edit: i saw somewhere that rendering as uncompressed then using another video converter would be faster?

    if nothing works i'll just show the video in the program.

    Edit 2: i'm using sony vegas 9 pro if that makes a difference
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    My recommendation is to:-

    Select Save type as MainConceptMPEG-2
    Select DVD NTSC Template
    Click on the custom button
    select constant bit rate with 6,000,000
    Make sure the correct Aspect Ratio is selected 4:3 for normal or 16:9 for widescreen
    Click on the Audio Tab and tick the include audio box

    If this doesn't render a lot quicker you have something wrong with your computer

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