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Thread: Splicing myself into news reports

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    Default Splicing myself into news reports

    I had a great idea: Splice myself into video reports and act like they are interviewing me. Greenscreen was used in this one, talking about "Brad "The Slasher" McConkel, Zombie Expert" (aka yours truly), driving for 10 hours because someone hacked a sign talking about Zombies and Brad wanted to see the zombies...

    [ame=]YouTube - Zombie warning in Austin[/ame]

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    I like the idea and I think you did it well. In the 2012 one you were a little bit to convincing.

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    hehe, thanks. Yah I need some acting lessons...Most of my videos people think I am serious...

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    And why not...Its different and you've done a good job. The accent is the only weak link.
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    Read the replies on YT...amazing how it went over the heads of about 75%...especially the WFUQU...that's beautiful....

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